Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monochromatic Grinch Green

The color for this Christmas is Grinch Green.
One of my favorite fashion challenges is taking holiday themes literally without making them look cheesy. The Grinch Green stylage, my term for style-collage, does just that: uses a popular Christmas color from head to toe and does it in a wearable way. As you can probably tell, and what I've mentioned before, is my love for monochromatic colors put together with sophistication and style.  In this stylage what I've done is broken up the monotones with lime and granny smith green hues. Accessories, make-up, shoes and nails are used to incorporate these lighter shades of Grinch Green into each outfit. 

Pleats are classic and found in each of the three looks I put together. And while they've been back on the block for a couple of seasons for the mainstream, they're considered a staple in my book.
In true savvystyle I've combined sophistication and texture with urban accents and dramatic accessories.

The first look (far left) is street sheik, pairing a casual Kangol, quilted vest, wedge sneaker and funky nails with a classic long pleated skirt, a jade inspired necklace, broach and bracelet and a simple clutch that brings this look together.
Look number two (in the middle) is a simple, quality Lycra and cotton t-shirt with a short, dressy pleated skirt. This outfit is what I consider semi-casual, not too dressy and not too street--perfect for the office. The metallic purse and jade-inspired bracelet and necklace set this outfit off and the suede wedge with simple studding adds the texture that is a must in every combination.

The third look (far right) offers my favorite, LEATHER! The leather pleated skirt is a stand-out in this outfit. Coupled with a modest cut-out blouse and a lighter shade of green leather belt, this look is perfect for any Christmas party or for a night on the town to see the Nutcracker. Leather shoes with a buckle re-introduced by the 2012 and 2013 runway shows keeps this look on trend while maintaining it's classic appeal. Jade hoops, a beaded broach and a just dressy enough clutch adds the dazzle that completes this outfit.
Let's not forget my favorite accessory, make-up. Two looks are displayed to show how you can use green either on the lid with eyeshadow or under the eye with liner. Both looks are a perfect way to round out the Christmas color collaboration and can be appropriate for day or night when applied correctly.
This Christmas I'm sporting Grinch Green what are you wearing?

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