Tuesday, December 11, 2012

t.savage's style influence: westcoast 90's seattle swag

A special shout-out goes to growing up in Seattle in the 90's.
No matter where my travels take me and no matter what city I'm living in, I'm a WestCoast-Seattle chick to the bone. It's funny how I couldn't wait to go off to college so that I could get away from Seattle, now I rep my city every where I go and in all that I do. MySty (my term for my style) is no exception. It's pretty typical for me to interject some WestCoast-Seattle street style into a lot of the outfits I wear. Chuck's [Taylors] are a neutral shoe for me--I wear them with everything, dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and bustiers and even with dress slacks.
Like the Cholas of my day, I still think that Dickies shorts and a halter top is a sexy combo. I still rock my Stan Smiths (Converse) and love the old school b-girl style.

Has the city you grew up in influenced your personal style?

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