Tuesday, December 11, 2012

t.savage's style influence: The 1950's

Women's fashion of the 1950's was sexy yet sophisticated.
The thing I like the most about the way women of the 1950's dressed is the way they always looked very feminine, sexy and well put together. From the Hollywood scene to the streets of Harlem, women looked very sophisticated and the clothes always fit in a very tailored and sexy way.

Even pin up girls had a sensual yet modest look. It was daring and bold then, and is daring and bold now.

The influence of the 1950's can be seen in almost everything I wear. I love sexy sophisticated looks. My style staples are: pencil skirts and dresses; leopard print and polka dots. I'll probably be buried in a pencil dress with cat eye liner. And let's not forget about the cinched waists and corseted shapes. I LOVE ALL OF IT!

What decade has had the most influence on your personal style?


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